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We help in creating scalable blockchain products (smartcontracts, NFTs, FTs, metadata) based on Cardano’s efficient ecosystem.


Blockchain technology is one of the most revolutionary innovations developed over the last decade that can streamline processes across many industries on the market, making them faster, more efficient and cost-effective.

We can help you define a Blockchain Development strategy, select an appropriate technology, prepare a detailed project, turn it into an MVP and once it is well-received by clients deliver a fast and reliable end-product. All according to your requirements and budget.

Our team of experts will cooperate with you to integrate the blockchain solutions into your products and services, to make sure you take full advantage of the many benefits this technology can bring to your business. We also provide cost-effective maintenance, support and optimization of your solutions.

Blockchain-based Software Solutions will take your business to the next level

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Reduced Costs

Transactions generally incur high costs. Blockchains decrease fees by eliminating third-parties and middlemen which often are monopolies or oligopolies in their respective fields taking advantaged of their privileged position.

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Enhanced Security

Centralized databases are top targets for cyber attackers because all your sensitive data are stored in a single location. By decentralizing the database and using consensus mechanisms, each transaction can be verified by independent nodes and the authenticity of the information can be assured.

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Greater Transparency

In the past, large intermediary institutions were able to use their customers assets as they saw fit, without anyone’s knowledge. With blockchain, anyone at any time can verify every transaction made, resulting in full transparency. Enhanced visibility fosters communication and trust.

Leverage blockchain in your business.

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Plutus Smartcontracts +

Cardano’s smartcontract capabilities have been rolled out on 12.09.21. Alonzo, as the update is codenamed, brings Cardano into a new era and finally gives it the tools expected of a blockchain 3.0: a scalable platform for running dApps with governance.

Plutus being Cardano’s programmatic framework provides the developers with a set of Haskell libraries tailored at blockchain smartcontract development. It has a number of properties that make it well suited for this use case: it’s functional, concise, testable. They stem from the fact that Haskell is a functional language rooted strongly in the academic environment

Fungible tokens (FTs)+

Non-fungible tokens represent unique assets. Assets that are one of the kind. Fungible tokens on the other hand represent those assets that consist of many objects that are alike. The perfect example is money: we generally don’t pay attention which banknotes we receive. We only check whether the amount adds up. Another example can be company shares of the same class (so that they have the same privileges) which are considered fungible as well.

If you are looking to emit your own tokens there are a number of considerations, the first one of which is: what type of token is it - coin, utility, governance or a security. One of the services we provide is token issuance consulting and development where we will address all of your doubts.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)+

Starting with Alonzo it is also possible to create proper NFTs on Cardano. The non-fungible tokens, as popularised on Ethereum, are a perfect vehicle to represent unique assets both digital and physical as well as build communities. A couple of industries especially prone to benefit from embracing the NFT technology are: art, gaming, sports, media & entertainment and real estate.


Many of the smartcontract use cases can be achieved by using the metadata functionality which is available since early 2021 on the Cardano mainnet. Solutions based on placing crucial data on blockchain may bring immense value and not require complex code. This also means that the implementation and usage costs are significantly smaller which is especially import for budding projects or in-house innovation units that need to provide an MVP before a full-scale project can commence.


Our team has been involved in Cardano’s community. We have participated in the original iteration of IOHK’s MOOC for Plutus developers named the Plutus Pioneer Program and received a certification. We are placed in a uniquely privileged position when it comes to Plutus smartcontracts development because of 1) the in-depth course, 2) our experience from building Cardano applications as well as our 3) expertise from previous blockchain projects completed on different blockchain platforms (Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric).

We will advise and help you choose and develop the best solution that your business needs: be it a startup or a corporation. Blockchains are immutable, it’s worthwhile making the right choices at the very beginning.

Why to choose us?

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Complete vision and execution

Comprehensive process, from the business’ needs assessment, through development to maintenance and support.

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Many years of area-specific expertise

We are in the crypto-space – the blockchain cradle, since the early days – investing, coding, experimenting.

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Plutus Pioneers & Rigorous standards

Our developers are Plutus Pioneer Program graduates who pay close attention to code quality.

Software development process should be transparent, just as blockchain is – you need to know what is happening and how much you are going to pay. Contact us to get a free quote!

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